STEM Night

2023 STEM Night (Rescheduled)

June 1st,  4:30pm - 6:30pm

Please join us for Kenter Canyon STEM Night!  We have so many amazing things in store!

  • Please use Sign Up Genius to register for the workshops your student would like to attend (maximum of 2 workshops - one @ 5pm and/or one @ 6pm)
  • Please sign up for ONE workshop per session (limited to Kenter students only)
  • Pizza and concessions for sale in the cafeteria

***This is a community building, free event for our Kenter Family sponsored by PSG***
**This is not a drop off event. Parents must stay on the premises while their children attend workshops.**




The Schedule

4:30-5pm Student Registration 

5-5:30pm Workshop Session 1

5:30-6pm Pizza and Concessions 

6-6:30pm Workshop Session 2

**This is not a drop off event. Parents must accompany their children throughout the event.**



BUGS workshop (Grades 4-5 Session 1, Grades 2-3 Session 2)

Bugs are all around you - and they are not all bad! With a scientist from UCLA, students will find out what helpful microbes are in their school, on themselves, and anything else they want to sample. We will also take a closer look at them using a microscope.

Presented by Tejas Bouklas (Kenter parent) with assistance from Mr. Stein (Rm. 11) 


PLAYDOUGH workshop (Grades TK-1 Sessions 1 and 2) 

Use the Engineering Design Process to improve your playdough recipe and take home your own batch of dough! Is it better than the store bought type? 

Presented by Ms. Herzikoff with assistance from Ms. Reyes and Ms. Oh (Rm. 3)


DNA of a Strawberry workshop (Grades 4-5 Session 1, Grades 2-3 Session 2)

Your genes make you YOU! They are made of DNA and tell the cells in your body what to do. Together with scientists from UCLA you will extract DNA from strawberries and you get to take it home in a little tube!

Presented by Loes Olde Loohuis (Kenter parent) with assistance from Ms. Alvarado (Rm. 101) 

SLIME workshop (Grades TK-1 Sessions 1 and 2)

Let’s make SLIME! Who doesn’t love slime?! Watching it ooze is mesmerizing and handling it can be almost therapeutic. Join us as we create our very own slime using 3 simple ingredients: glue, contact solution, and baking soda. 

Presented by Ms. Shaloo, Ms. Cristina Santos, Mr. David Cruz (Rm. 4) 


Marshmallow Catapult workshop (Grades 3-5 Session 1, Grades 1-2 Session 2)

Bring your creativity and engineering skills to design a marshmallow catapult. How far will you be able to launch your mini marshmallows?

Presented by Ms. Laham and Ms. Lettieri (Rm. 9)


Tastebuds workshop (Grades 2-3 Session 1, Grades 4-5 Session 2)

Explore the miracles that are your senses! Let's play a silly springtime trick on your taste buds and experiment with different foods. You may think you know what these snacks taste like, but do you really?

Presented by Mr. Oliva with assistance from Mr. Rappaport (Rm. 103) 


Make Medicine from Human Blood workshop (Grades 1-2 Session 1, Grades 3-5 Session 2)

DISCOVER: Find out how we take plasma from human blood and make it into medicine that saves people’s lives. EXPLORE: Try out the automated systems we use to make the medicine.

Presented by Babak Haghiri (Kenter parent) with assistance from Ms. Natasha Mahdi (Rm. 102) 


Coding and Robotics (Grades 4-5 Session 1, Grades 1-3 Session 2) 

theCoderSchool invites you to join their robotics obstacle courses, video game coding, and AI workshop. 

Presented by theCoderSchool (Rm. 104)


The Great Scratch Chase (Grades 1-3 Session 1)

Create a fun video game using Scratch coding. Choose a hero, a villain, and get to coding! By the end of the workshop, students will be laughing and cheering as their hero wins the game they created!

Presented by Planet Bravo (Rm. Computer Lab) 


Digital Art / 3D Slash (Grades 4-5 Session 2)

Students will sculpt their own 3-Dimensional masterpiece using a cool web tool called 3D Slash. This is a fun departure from typical PlanetBravo classes where the students focus on the power of digital art in an easy-to-learn interface.

Presented by Planet Bravo (Rm. Computer Lab)


MATHNASIUM presents: Math games, Estimation, Spin it to win it! Take home activities of family math games. (Auditorium)  No sign up required.