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Drop-off & Pick-up Procedures

Morning Drop-off (7:35 AM - 8:10 AM)

Parents may park and walk their students to the designated drop-off gates, or they may utilize our curbside valet drop-off.

  • Kindergarten entrance gate
  • Main Front Loop gate (for grades 1-2)
  • South Yard gate on Homewood (for grades 3-5)

Please note that the North Yard gate is now closed. There is no valet service or walk-up entry at the North Yard gate. Older siblings may be dropped off at their younger sibling's gate. 

Curbside Valet Drop-Off (Mornings only)

The Curbside Valet Drop-off Service allows students to be safely dropped off at school in the morning without the need for parking. The service is offered between 7:40 AM to 8:10 AM each week day and is organized exclusively by parent volunteers from all classrooms. Parent volunteers arrive at 7:35 AM for set-up.


Drivers, please pull up into the Front Loop or along the side walk at the South Gate.  Parent volunteers at each location will assist your child out of the car and direct them to their yard. Siblings may be dropped off at either gate as long as they know where to go. TK and Kindergarten, for the time being please continue to park and walk your child to the kinder gate. We hope to roll out kinder valet soon after your little ones are fully acclimated to getting dropped off!

To ensure the safety of all children, all drivers should follow these simple rules:

  1. Please follow the instructions of the Valet crew.
  2. Please do not park within 10 feet of the orange coned area.
  3. Pull all the way forward before allowing children to exit the car.
  4. Allow the adult Valet to assist children from the car. Drivers do not need to exit their vehicles.
  5. If possible, children should sit on the passenger side of the vehicle for easy exit.
  6. Children should gather all personal belongings prior to reaching the Valet Zone so they are ready to immediately exit the car.  Backpacks should be with the child and not in the trunk.

We appreciate your patience as we bring this program back for the first time since 2020! Each class will have its own week to volunteer for valet duty. Please sign up when it is your turn. We appreciate all your help!


Afternoon Pick-up

When school ends, parents are welcome to come on to campus and meet their children outside their classrooms. TK, Kindergarten, first and second grade students must be picked up at their classrooms unless student is enrolled in an after school program.  Lower grade students who are not picked up within 10 minutes of dismissal will continue to wait for parents in the office.

Third, fourth and fifth grade students are dismissed to the  South Yard.