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As a Charter School, we are given more independence in the areas of curriculum, staffing and governance.  We have designed a curriculum that is meaningful, process oriented and uniquely child-centered. A hands on experimental approach focusing on critical thinking skills is at the core of each of our classes.

In 1993 Kenter petitioned to become one of California’s first school-based management LEARN Schools along with its partnership schools in the Palisades complex of schools. In 1999, Kenter earned status as a dependent Charter School within the LAUSD.  During the next five years, Kenter continued to advance its curricular needs through parent and staff collaboration.  The Charter was granted for another five years in July 2015.

The Palisades Charter Complex is comprised of five elementary schools, Kenter Canyon being one of them. Paul Revere Middle School, Temescal High School and Palisades High School complete the K-12 Charter Complex.

When there are issues that are not covered by the Charter, Kenter consults with LAUSD and may seek waivers regarding issues, policies and procedures that are not specifically addressed by the Charter or other applicable law.

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