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Traffic Safety

Please respect traffic rules and regulations for the safety of our children, staff, and parents.  

Kenter Traffic Safety Guidelines:

  • No parking in red zones or in front of fire hydrants, not even for a minute. This is the law.
  • No parking anywhere in the main loop! Spots are reserved for staff and our auction winners. The curb is painted red!  Again...this is the law!!!
  • The North loop parking is for staff only. Parents, please DO NOT PARK in the staff parking lots. Parking and walking the children through the parking lot is NOT SAFE. 
  • Please do not stand by the North fence, blocking the staff parking spots in the morning. 
  • The North loop can be used to drive through, making a U-Turn instead of making a Three-Point turn on Kenter Avenue. 
  • Our Student Council leads the KIDS program: Kenter Inspires Driver Safety.  See below to learn how to support this very important initiative. We appreciate your cooperation with following traffic safety expectations and supporting our Student Council efforts.

K.I.D.S. (Kenter Inspires Driver Safety) Campaign 

All students are invited to participate in our KIDS Campaign Original Flyer Competition!  Our kids deserve to be safe from reckless driving!
  • How: Collaborate with your child to create a one-of-a-kind flyer & message. Use a standard 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. Decorate using pencil, crayons, markers, colored pencils, and your imagination. Be sure to incorporate KIDS (Kenter Inspires Driver Safety) campaign message into your flyer.
  • When: Submit your posters by April 5, 2024 
  • Where: Entries will be collected by your child’s teacher and submitted to Safety Committee & Student Council for review and voting.
  • Why: The winning designs will be enlarged and posted on the school fence along Kenter Ave. The three top winners wil be recognized at the Spring Sing Assembly.
Please see this educational K.I.D.S. video created by Kenter Student Leadership Club.
Let’s put safety on the forefront through increased traffic safety awareness & compliance.