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What We Fund


Kenter Canyon is a public charter school and is part of the Los Angeles Unified School District. The education your children receive here is supplemented with enrichment programs and support. The experience at Kenter Canyon only happens when we get to combine LAUSD funding with the substantial contributions the Kenter community makes each year through Kenter Canyon Parent Support Group (“KCPSG” or “PSG”). KCPSG is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose purpose is to fundraise for the many programs and “extras” that enhance the day to day experience of our children.  LAUSD provides approximately 70% of your children's, PSG provides the additional funds needed to support every child. The following are some (not all) of the programs KCPSG helps fund:


Instructional aides in every classroom enable our students to receive more individualized attention and differentiated instruction. KCPSG funding provides for full time aides in TK, Kindergarten and half-time aides in Grades 1-5.


Under LAUSD guidelines, 4th and 5th grades can have up to 38 students per class. Parents and staff at Kenter have always had a great concern about the larger class-size and the ability for the classroom teachers to provide the optimal educational experience in that situation. To address those concerns, each year KCPSG funds an additional classroom teacher so that class size in 4th and 5th grade stays below the guidelines (typically less than 30 children per class).


At Kenter we recognize the importance of social emotional support and learning.  PSG provides weekly counseling from West Valley clinic. This additional service supports our children's needs beyond traditional IEPs or 504 plans.  These clinicians work directly with our teachers to focus on children who need additional support the most.  Parents are always contacted before any of these services are provided.   


Kenter strives to be on the forefront of educational technology. Each child at Kenter has weekly instructional time with our full-time technology lab teacher, Ms. Castro, in our designated computer lab.  In addition, each student in Grades 3-5 have a designated in-class laptop which enables classroom teachers to fully integrate technology into instructional time. Grades 1 and 2 have one to one iPads which enables teacher to differentiate learning and take advantage of programs such as Dreambox, EPIC and Teach Your Monster. Kindergarten classes have Chromebook stations to introduce our youngest learners to technology and educational programs. Each classroom at Kenter is also outfitted with state of the art wall-mounted projectors and document cameras to allow for flexible and creative educational experiences.

All technology expenses are primarily funded by KCPSG.


All students at Kenter meet once a week with KCPSG funded music teacher, Mr. Mike, to learn about different instruments, world music, symbols, note value, rhythm, and to learn great songs.


At Kenter, we understand how important physical education is to our students by helping them stay physically fit, reduce obesity, promote healthy living and maintain focus in the classroom. Every week all children at Kenter have directed and specialized physical education with Coach Levy and Coach Jared, funded by KCPSG.


All students at Kenter receive art instruction every other week with KCPSG funded art teacher, our beloved Ms. Deborah. Students experiment and create art using a full spectrum of mediums and methods and learn about the artists, art styles or historical relevance of the art work they are creating.


Kenter strives to provide a truly enriched educational experience for its students. To achieve this goal, we sometimes need to take them out of the classroom setting to have experiential education. KCPSG funds field trips for each grade level including visits to the Natural History Museum, the Science Center, Underwood Family Farm, the Planetarium at SMC among many others. In addition, KCPSG funds on-site experiences and assemblies including the Cabrillo Visiting Aquarium, Walk Through American Revolution, Walk Through California and several arts and music assemblies provided by the Music Center.


PSG provides additional office supplies not limited to; color copier, payroll expenses, office and teacher supplies,


Each class is provided with a budget to use for community and class building events during the year.